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Excape Eyewear was founded in 2013 and immediately attracted attention as an innovative brand in the eyewear industry.

Young, gritty, urban, Excape Eyewear creates collections, designed with the utmost care for geometries, design and attention to every single detail.

The universe of Excape is inspired by the multiple shades of colors, to make each look unique, fascinating and glamorous. The collections decline the trendy models of the season in vibrant color combinations, designed to characterize every style with a distinctive fashion accessory.

Simplicity, glamour, color and up-to-datedness are the pillars of the collections: few models declined in delicate and cool hues. A choice dictated by a deep knowledge of the trends and tastes of the customers.

Eclectic, bold, contemporary: this is the essence of Excape. An eyewear that emphasizes the personal style of the wearer: a synthesis of grit and glamour in trendy colors!

Much more than a simple accessory, Excape Eyewear is a symbol of belonging.